Healthcare Eligibility Services


Our team of trusted professionals concentrate on one goal – Finding and securing third-party payers.

The greatest impact to your bottom line is patient eligibility. Patients struggle to make sense of new healthcare regulations. Medical expenses are overwhelming and sometimes difficult to pay.

Working with patients and explaining their responsibility reduces the number of surprises, alleviates negativity and significantly increases the likelihood of payment.

Patient Advocate

  • Ensuring patient eligibility requires time, knowledge of payment systems, and patient advocacy
  • Home visits and transportation are provided when necessary
  • On-site and off-site staffing available
  • Disability process for initial reconsideration and ALJ/ODAR
  • Routinely conduct in-services with other departments within the hospital to review SSI updates, Medicaid updates, process changes, and new developments in healthcare

Technology Tools

  • Daily scrub for existing coverage on all referrals
  • All transmittals are tracked to ensure timely processing and payment
  • Integrated data exchange – referral files and auto note upload

Additional Support

  •  Dedicated SSI department
  • TAR, authorization, and retro-authorization
  • Financial Counseling – Educate your patients on their financial options, provide POS, screening and charity applications
  • ACA – Provide ACA Enrollers in the specified state’s exchange and an ACA department that monitors policy changes
  • HPE – Hospital Presumptive Eligibility screening, full application, follow-through, and compliant reporting

Nobody makes it easier than HCFS to see the RESULTS

HCFS offers standard reporting packages and advanced technology to ensure TOTAL TRANSPARENCY.

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