HCFS Out-of-State Medicaid Services

Out_of_State_Medicaid_BillingHCFS offers expert knowledge in Medicaid and insurance. But did you know HCFS can also complete and submit your facility and/or physician provider applications?

CMS established and implemented Medicaid provider screening requirements that became effective March 25, 2011. Today most states require provider and/or physician applications before reimbursement on any claim is processed. This requirement has discouraged many providers to seek reimbursement because of the paperwork and follow-up required with these applications, resulting in a financial burden on the patient, or writing-off these claims as “uncompensated care.” These write-offs eventually diminish the resources available for the uninsured.

Don’t Write-Off Out-of-State Medicaid Claims

HCFS will not only complete and submit your provider and/or physician applications, but can also manage updates and renewals on your provider application to avoid any lapses in enrollment.

Visit http://www.hcfsinc.com/out-of-state-medicaid-billing/ for more information.

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