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Can HCFS help me with Hospital Presumptive Eligibility?

Yes, HCFS now assists hospitals with HPE. Our ACA Specialists keep current on the constantly changing laws in all 50 states and can assist your hospital with processes and reporting.

What is HCFS doing in response to the Affordable Care Act legislation?

HCFS has focused resources to develop and deliver Marketplace Solutions, assuring our Patient Account Representatives are Certified ( CEC / CAC ) to meet the exchange requirements.

What kind of Revenue Cycle Solutions does HCFS, Inc. offer?

HCFS offers a wide range of services including Eligibility, Out-of-State Medicaid Billing, Workers’ Compensation Billing, Follow-Up (Denial Management) and now Consulting and Interim Management services. All of these services are customized to match your facility’s own processes and needs.

What if I have a vendor handling these services, but feel they might not be doing the best they can?

HCFS can be an additional vendor, or we can replace your current vendor.  If you feel your current vendor is not up-to-par, let HCFS  review your information, identify problem areas and let you decide what’s best for you.

Why do you think you can collect more of my Accounts Receivables than my in house department?

HCFS people are dedicated to their specialty.  Our representative come from insurance carriers and government agencies, they know both sides of the fence, including Medicare, Medicaid, Out-of-State Medicaid, Indian Health and commercial insurance carriers. Our exceptional employees work at solving your cases for you.

How much do your services cost?

All our services are contracted on a contingency fee base. We get paid when you do.

For Eligibility, does my staff have to do any upfront screening?

No our patient friendly representatives do this for you

How will I know what is getting paid and if you are doing your job efficiently?

Detailed online reports on every patient account will let you see exactly how we are doing. You simply watch your Accounts Receivable days improve.

Is HCFS, Inc HIPAA compliant?

As a Business Associate for our hospital clients, HCFS takes HIPAA compliance and training very seriously. We have a designated HIPAA Compliance Team established to ensure privacy and security practices are followed by all employees every step of the way. Our Compliance Team annually reviews our Red Flags and HIPAA training content, and communicates this information through training to all employees who have direct and or indirect exposure to Protected Health Information (PHI). Upon completion of the training, all employees complete a testing assessment to ensure proper comprehension of the material.HCFS also acknowledges that each hospital client has their own compliance standards, and require our employees to follow these standards in their business practices, using our internal standards as the baseline. Our Management and Training Team members also complete an annual compliance audit at each location to ensure our daily business practices and work site follows our HIPAA standards. Our employees are evaluated on their adherence to our internal HIPAA standards on their performance reviews.

HCFS HIPAA Training also includes the proper steps to report an incident. If an incident is reported, the HIPAA Compliance Officer will obtain the facts, provide the proper hospital contact with the information of the incident, the action HCFS will take to rectify the incident as well as the action that will be taken to avoid a future incidents.

Why should I outsource the billing services I am currently managing In-House?

Many hospitals choose to partner with an experienced AR billing company to reduce labor costs while still focusing on their core competencies.  Hiring and training new staff, employee benefits, vacation/sick time are all costs associated with managing an effective in-house billing team.  We can relieve some of this cost burden by working your older receivables allowing your reduced workforce to focus on your recently discharged files.  This results in a reduction in labor costs, Discharge Not Final Billed (DNFB) days, and days in AR while increasing monies received.

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